In Chicago, police are investigating a post on Facebook from a Chicago man, Andre Curry. The post was of a photo that shows a young girl with her hands and legs taped together as well as her mouth taped shut. Andre Curry, 21 years old also wrote the caption to the picture as “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back ; ).” I would have to say this has got to be one of the most stupid things we’ve ever come across here at Idiot Brain, and for me to say that should mean something.

Hours after the photo was originally posted on Facebook, a friend of Curry’s wrote, “U goin to jail.” And almost after that was posted, it was followed up by another friend commenting “really??? Dre.”

A Chicago resident of the name Cobbins, who knows Curry personally from once dating her sister, told TSG she believes Curry was just “playing around” adding that, “I wouldn’t say it was child abuse.” Cobbins also stated that Curry “would never do anything to harm anyone.” Cobbins who also stated that although the picture did go a little too far, she felt he was just “being playful with his child. People play with their child differently.” Now, regardless of whether it was a joke or not, you have to take into consideration the different looks others may approach this picture. Even if Curry’s friends were the only ones to see this, the image got out to the internet and started circulating attention from people outside of Curry’s friends.

Andre Curry's Facebook Post & Picture

A Chicago Police Department Spokesman said to TSG that “detectives are looking into it.”

In a phone interview, Curry’s grandmother said that he is father to a young daughter, but added that she knew nothing about the photo posted on Facebook.

When contacted through a message via Facebook, Curry did not respond.

What people should learn from this article is that no matter what you post on Facebook, it will be seen or shared with the internet. So if you’re not comfortable with having something on the internet in your mind other than Facebook, you should probably not post it on there anyway. Facebook reserves the right to use anything you post on it, regardless of the privacy policies and procedures you take to keep certain things from certain people. Even though Curry seemed to be ok with letting people see the picture of his daughter, people may not always have the same humor as you.

Andre Curry: Smartest Dad on Facebook
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