Abu Hamz aka Captain HookAbu Hamza, 48 is a convicted terrorist, serving his time in the UK for inciting murder and racial hatred. Abu Hamz has a hook on one arm and requires extensive care for day to day functioning. He cannot even use the bathroom by himself. Hamza has had the same male nurse for two years and has never noticed his nurse was gay until recently, and he is now requesting a new nurse because it is against his religion. The prison refused the request, because they said they don’t discriminate.

In all this commotion Abu Hamza has refused care and hasn’t received any. I say fuck him. Hamz can put toilet paper on his hook and wipe his own ass. Maybe he’ll even hook himself in the balls. I have no sympathy because he is a convicted terrorist, and has links to other acts of terrorism. The United States can hardly wait the get their hands on him.

Go hook yourself Hamz!

Abu Hamza – Terrorist – A.K.A Captain Hook Doesn’t Like Gays
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One thought on “Abu Hamza – Terrorist – A.K.A Captain Hook Doesn’t Like Gays

  • October 29, 2008 at 9:05 am

    i believe that abu hamza should be given to americans with a letter saying ” do what the fuck you like with him” he should have been refused entry when he first came here


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