Babies found in ChinaIn Beijing, China, five babies were found in the back of a stolen car.  Chinese police are baffled as to the identities of the children. The babies, three boys and two girls are approximately ten days old.  Because of a surge in the population in China, families are only allowed the have one child, in larger cities.

Chinese couples must be on a waiting list to have a child, and receive government approval before conceiving. These imposed restrictions on families have led to the desire for more male children. This has resulted in more killings, abortions, and abandonment of baby girls. Other problems common in China are the abduction and sale of children, and women. Children are abducted and sold to childless couples desiring a boy, or to the families in rural areas for extra farm help. This un-favoritism of females leads to a shortage of brides, and it is not uncommon for a groom to pay up to $4000 for a bride. On the black market a Chinese man can purchase a bride for a quarter of that price, which led to a widespread abduction of woman. Chinese families that have lost a loved one, a wife, mother, daughter, or child, sometimes hire former policeman the help rescue them. It often takes months, and is not always fruitful. The cost is also astronomical, about $500 or about ten years of income for rural families.  Most give up hope of ever seeing their loved one again.  That is the sad reality in China, a country with a booming economy, second only to the United States. Keep buying your Walmart goods and supporting a Communist regime that allows such human rights atrocities to go unchecked. Original Story

Abductions in China are typical of everyday atrocities.
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