What else could the pope mobile be used for?It’s been all over the news today that a man tried to jump into the popemobile. My question like any other sane rational person was, what the hell is a popemobile and should he have one?


Well according to Wikipedia, it’s basically a small truck with a stage on the back so the pope can be above the ground/crowd and receive praise from his brainwashed devout followers. Of course it’s fitted with bulletproof glass to prevent any further pope assassination attempts like the one on Pope John Paull II in 1981. Ok, I could see why a lot of people want the pope dead. The big box you see below happened to be removed today.The Popemobile - All about the Pope Mobile
This is the Mercedes Popemobile that us uses.

This would be a much more enterprising use of a Popemobile. Put a stripper in the back and have it drive around for donations, or better yet Strip Clubs could use this for drumming up buisness as long as the stripper is not naked inside. Call it Strippermobile or something catchy.

Hooters Popemobile could be better used to promote strip clubs.


What do you think? Better use of the Popemobile!

A Better use for the Popemobile
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One thought on “A Better use for the Popemobile

  • December 23, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    brainwashed followers? your retarded :p


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