Bring back public executions! Saddam Hussein was hung!The last time there was a public execution in America, was in 1936. It occured on a balmy August day in Owensboro, Kentucky. With a crowd of 20,000+ people watching, a man by the name of Rainey Bethea was hung for the murder of Lischia Rarick Edwards. Due to public outrage after the spectacle, public executions were banned.

Top 10 Reasons to bring back public executions

  1. They’re gonna die anyways!
  2. Pay-Per-View revenue! Millions would have forked over $19.95 for High Definition footage of Saddam Hussein being hung. (Time to plan for Osama bin Laden’s Execution?)
  3. We already label sexual predators and make the information publicly avilable, why preserve someone’s dignity that is going to die anyways?
  4. The government says we shouldn’t; all the more reason to bring it back.
  5. They will eventually get uploaded to YouTube anyways!
  6. People actually do like to watch people die.
  7. Everything else on TV sucks!
  8. Is there a better way to pay off the deficit and fund the war in Iraq?
  9. Piss the religious nutcases off even more.
  10. It’s reality TV! The public can call in to vote on the execution method for just $0.99 per vote!
10 Reasons to bring back Public Executions

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to bring back Public Executions

  • June 1, 2007 at 6:52 am

    You might want to check your statistics…in 1936 there was barely 20,000 people in the entire city of Owensboro, not to mention many of them were opposed to the execution.


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