Fake Doctor Gives Free Breast Exams?

Fake Florida Doctor Gives Free Breast Exams

Imagine answering your door to a doctor saying he will examine you for free in the comfort of your own home, sound too good to be true? Yeah, probably is. In Broward County, Florida a 76 year old man showed up offering free breast exams in a Lauderdale Lakes apartment complex, in which two women took him up on the offer.

Warren Kelvin, Never Let an Erection Get in the Way of Flying!


Just when you thought it was safe to check your luggage and board your flight again, people like Warren Kelvin pop up, literally. At Nashville International Airport Warren Kelvin of Wyoming walked through a TSA checkpoint with an unmistakable erection. With only sweat pants to shield bystanders from seeing his “birthday suit”, Warren screamed “I’m next” as he pushed his way through the other people who were waiting in line as well to the front of the security line. According to TSA officials, Kevin made sure to ingest two Viagra and only wore sweatpants without boxers before his flight on Southwest from Nashville to Phoenix.

Hazel Jones – Two Vaginas – Uterus Didelphys

Hazel Jones - UK Resident with 2 Vaginas

Hazel Jones is beautiful and she has a very unique condition, she suffers from Uterus Didelphys. Basically she is a woman with two vaginas! In these videos, she goes on national TV to talk about her extremely unusual condition. Double uterus (Uterus Didelphys) is very rare and most woman go undiagnosed. Having two actual openings is said to effect 1 in 1000000 women. Here are some of the videos of Hazel from her TV appearances and the second one below is a video of her having a vaginal exam.

Andre Curry: Smartest Dad on Facebook

Andre Curry Mugshot

In Chicago, police are investigating a post on Facebook from a Chicago man, Andre Curry. The post was of a photo that shows a young girl with her hands and legs taped together as well as her mouth taped shut. Andre Curry, 21 years old also wrote the caption to the picture as “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back ; ).” I would have to say this has got to be one of the most stupid things we’ve ever come across here at Idiot Brain, and for me to say that should mean something.

Obama Begs Iran to Return Spy Drone

RQ 170 Spy Drone in Iran's Possession

So, how familiar is everyone with the term “Indian Giver”? Not to be mistaken for something that is given by a person of Indian decent, but meaning, “Someone who gives something to someone as a present, but then asks for it back.” Well everybody, it is sure to be said that President Barack Obama is not an Indian, and nor did he mean to actually give away an RQ-170 drone to the people of Iran, but regardless they have a U.S. spy plane in their hands and Mr. Obama is asking for it back.

Police in Pennsylvania Handing Tickets for Swearing


Just when you thought this world and justice system was as bad as can be, it gets worse by the second. An American rights group of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is suing the police for handing out tickets which carry a jail sentence to people for swearing. If this is a crime, I’m pretty positive each and every one of us is guilty of this action at one point in their lives, and that goes for the same officers who issue these citations to people.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which filed the lawsuits earlier, disagrees with that the right to use profanity is protected by the U.S. Constitution. As should anyone else who is being told otherwise. Marieke Tuthill of the ACLU of Pennsylvania said “Unfortunately, many police departments in the commonwealth do not seem to be getting the message that swearing is not a crime.” Marieke Tuthill also said “The courts have repeatedly found that profanity, unlike obscenity, is protected speech.”

Christmas Spirit Getting the Best of Frosty the Snowman in 2011


After most people just finishing up their Thanksgiving dinner leftovers, it is safe to say the majority are now focusing in on the next up and coming holiday that in which is Christmas. Now, although some states are immune to the actual winter “look” that is identified to most as snow, fireplaces, holiday decorations and holiday characters like Santa and his reindeer, one of the characters has been a bit of Grinch so to speak, his name being Frosty the Snowman.

As most of you who are used to the snow during this time of the season, it is safe to say that you have at least once in your life created a snowman before. Little kids love the holiday season and this is a big part of why, being they get to play with friends and their family while creating this adored character from their favorite holiday stories. Well, that was how it was looked at to most children in Chestertown, MD before November 27.